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Notes - 1

Posted by blue cowboy , 15 December 2016 · 268 views

I was brought up (made to go) in the Methodist Church (good and sincere people, I’m sure).  However, I literally could not take vow to join my family church, getting physically ill on that day. I dropped out at 13 and in school found the American transcendentalists - I was not alone!! After high school a friend loaned me Be Here Now by Baba Ram...


India Travel Journal

Posted by blue cowboy , 17 November 2016 · 290 views




Posted by blue cowboy , 23 April 2014 · 2,373 views

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Posted by blue cowboy , 20 April 2009 · 822 views

An offering of moonglow in the night
And stars afire I give to you
Diamonds of multihue
Shimmering in their light
The sky is my heart
Embracing waves of space
At last I recall the place
Where a sunset is a gift
Like flowers tossed into the sea
Ah yes! You remind me
Copyright © 2014  Jonathan Ansley Ward
All rights to this blog (...


My Friend

Posted by blue cowboy , 20 April 2009 · 503 views

Long ages past
On distant shore
We laughed and talked
Just as before

In peaceful lands
Under shining sun
We lived as kings
We had our fun

By stormy seas
With swords in hand
Side by side
We won the land

The winds of time
'ner cease to blow
Milleniums pass
Yet this is know
It matters not
what the fates may send
Will meet again
You'll be my friend...



Posted by blue cowboy , 20 April 2009 · 645 views

Long ago -

Under glittering stars one night
Hearts together, I held you tight

From castle walls we watched the skies
Fill with golden light of sunrise
And diamond light still fills your eyes

Now that I seek the light alone
Do you feel my love for you is gone?

No -

Within my heart is a prayer
That in the land of golden dreams
I find you there
In wildf...


Divine Love

Posted by blue cowboy , 20 April 2009 · 530 views

In life I seek a love divine
Not magic, nor power for me
Not visions nor any sign
Do I wish to see

But love, divine love
That spreads friendship like fire
Love, divine love
is my soul's desire
Copyright © 2014  Jonathan Ansley Ward
All rights to this blog (BC's blog) are reserved.  No part of it may be reproduced i...


Lake Shrine Dawn

Posted by blue cowboy , 20 April 2009 · 429 views

Lake Shrine, the fair
Where street lights glare
Shimmering across the lake
Soft sounds dare, break silence rare
As peeping birds awake

Lake Shrine, so fair
A blue jewel rare
In a mountain diadem
Stars fade with night, as dawning Light
Shines from deep within

Ah! floral wonderland of love, of calm
Glimpse of Divine Mother's face
Gathered rains of her com...


My India By Cole Ragland

Posted by blue cowboy , 27 February 2007 · 347 views

MY INDIA by Cole Ragland
A Day By Day Travel Diary
India -- The Parkers Tour
Lead by Bob Polselli
February, 2004

Verna Black
Teri Persico
Ananda Pate
Jonathan Ward
Ewing Hughes
Michele Kripilani
Bob Polselli
Cole Ragland
Wednesday, February 18th
We've just landed at Heathrow airport and are waiting for a bay to open up.
We had a r...



Posted by blue cowboy , 12 August 2006 · 555 views

Struggle ceases in surrender. If you surrender there is acceptance. You cheerfully accept everything that happens to you. Success and failure, honor and dishonor, praise and blame, gain and loss are the same to you. You know that everything happens by divine will and life become easy, flowing, painless. And that requires continuous remembrance of God. The...