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Why Py Outwardly Hid His Status As An Avatar

Posted by omgurudeva , 13 July 2015 · 2,155 views

When we meet people -- normal humans -- we let our emotions and behavior be normal. We show anger, frustration, greed, selfishishness, emotionalism, etc -- just as we are. 
We do not show such things in front of people we respect highly or who have a higher position than us because we want to impress them. That is human nature.
The problem with that...


Yoga And Attunement - A Cyclic Process

Posted by omgurudeva , in Yoga, Attunement 05 May 2015 · 2,098 views

Yoga = Union with God.
Attunement = One-ness in principle with God / Guru.
Full Union takes time
First there is a gradual process of Attunement i.e. at-onement and degrees of Union before the Final Union. Thus Practice of Yoga : Bhakti, Karma, Janana, Raja, is important. Its a gradual process in which body, mind are attuned to receive the F...