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Why Py Outwardly Hid His Status As An Avatar

Posted by omgurudeva , 13 July 2015 · 2,155 views

When we meet people -- normal humans -- we let our emotions and behavior be normal. We show anger, frustration, greed, selfishishness, emotionalism, etc -- just as we are. 
We do not show such things in front of people we respect highly or who have a higher position than us because we want to impress them. That is human nature.
The problem with that is that unless we are keenly showing our human nature to the Guru and letting him correct us -- the relationship will FAIL.
If we are trying to put our best behaviour in front of the Guru, trying to impress him, because we are awed at his stature of being super human -- we won't learn. The human ego will come in the way of learning.
So an avatar like Paramahansa Yogananda, hid his powers of omniscience and omnipotence -- lest people worship him rather than have him as a part of their daily lives. 
In the friction of daily living the refinement of behavior can happen. So an avatar like PY appears very human and normal outwardly -- so people can approach him and behave normally with him and he can teach them whats right and wrong in their "normal-ness".
The other angle is -- God as the Guru comes a friend. PY said God is more than human and responds to human affection because He himself created human beings. In a human incarnation or otherwise God or Guru look for spontaneous human affection and love rather than one shown to a powerful deity with super human powers.