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"ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny And Science Of God"

Posted by magravat , 30 January 2016 · 1,442 views

New Manoj B Agravat argument on God or existence January 30, 2016.
"Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny and Science of God"
- Can be black
Lord Buddha's teacher "existence is non existence."
Jimi Hendirx "there is no life nowhere!"
St. Anselm
⦁ God cannot be considered not to exist
⦁ God is that then whihc nothing greater can be conceived
⦁ There is a God though insed the fool sad there is no God
1. Give understanding - see, touch ,hear, speak
2.            Faith - heart 
3.            Probability of - mind 
4.            There are that believe that which nothing greater than can be 1) conceived -   2)act think, 3)create or 4)make
Psalm X IV.1
He hears and what he understand is in his understanding although he does not understand it to exist.
Charlse Hartshorne
P - Conceive false W
P - Conceive true  Wz
Q - There is perefcwebeing or perefction exists.
N  - Necessity for God
N ~ (P  U ~ Q) 
St. Anselm
 Q >> Na  
perfection not exist must be true
- necessity
- immutabilty
- eternity
- infinite God
- essence existence
God is perfect so God does not change
God may be infinte
God is perfection
St Thomas
 God is all and thought about him and inadeqaute
Problem applied 
-Triangles are cancers
  Equilateral is great
1. I     greater
2. He  greater
3. she greater
Rightousness than if we all do, war, colficts, murders, rapes...
Right triangle is greater
About GOD
- 90 degree possible to be greater
- Some Cats exists, did not show that cats exists.
- Thermodynamics
1. dying an entropy death
2.            where heat, energy, and mass decreased until nothing left
a. Mass is inealstic 1993 exp can show with 90 degrees vertex in middle
           and mass to left of it and glass of 5 shards or about 1/2  distance to wall            
                        or near mass at less velocity and Red shift forced outside window.
     b.                Duality of particles and wave as light can save photons and hence                
    c.                 Time dependece and heat
                        Delta E(n) ~ m1v1/n1 - m2v2/n2   ~ + and is exothermic hence heat              
    d.                P U R >> P+R =1 
                      summation of odds can be one which can cswo harm if interaction is 10             
                      % or more for false positive in eyes.
- Bayes
- Wigner
- Chinese
- Greek
- Swedish
naye - Russian

Ramakrishna MATH of Ramakrisha  was a german and related to prof Heil Cal III fsu.

The force he did was Christ;Judaism;Islamic; and he used Hindu.

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Jimi Hendrix life had heroin addiction.Some problem of heroin can be on the pancreas. Pancreatic cancer more severe. Pancreatitis has  the characteristic of severe abdominal pain,necrosis of pancreas, raised enzyme levels plus in urine or blood.Fat necrosis can occur if acute form is present. Male : Female is 1:3.It can occur with gallstones.Etiology includes alcoholism or mix with heroin hence males are 6:1 vs females.Virus, mumps and hepatitis may occur.Drugs may activate enzymes of pancreas.The effect will include necrosis of blood vessels,necrosis of fat, and inflammation of neutrophils.


Robbins, Cotran, and Kumar. Pathologic Basis of Disease.1991.

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What other people were interested in was Schwartzfield radius in and not drinking.Drinking will make you round then none or flat to the rich again.The question can affect the radius question. People might say how much are you having then pass out like Jimi.

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The resolution is from energy correction relationship.The result is on momentum squared.

Read here.


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